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Imagine something for me: You’re wrapping up an important meeting with some industry big fish.

The meeting went like a dream; you had an amazing rapport and they loved your fresh ideas. Now you’ve just got to leave the room in style and wait for that all-important call back.

But wait, oh no, it’s all about to go downhill.

Cue fumbling around with your notepad and pen and take their details. Hang on, whose number should I take. Or email? Is direct dial too much? Could you say that again a bit slower for me, please? You can feel yourself getting clammy. You know what, it’s okay, just take my details. Here, take my pen. Let me spell my name for you. Do you want to read it back to me so I know you’ve got it down right? I’ll give you my number too, just to be safe.

Contact me soon. I mean, I hope to hear from you soon. I can’t wait. Oh. That sounded too keen. Do you think they noticed? Just smile, handshake and leave.


It’s okay, you can breathe because that was all in your head while you’re in the cab back to the office for a celebration drink. Phew!

You’re quietly smug because just the other week you ordered some expertly designed business cards to make ending the meeting swift, professional and classy. You gave one to each of the attendees so they had all the key information to get in touch. In fact, they were so impressed, they’ve already emailed to arrange next steps…

Business cards can be a reflection of your personal brand as well as that of your business. It suggests what your customers should expect from working together. Does your business card imply you’re going to be muddled and confused or are you going to be calm, collected and professional?

We all know business cards are often part and parcel of an important first impression, but they can also play a pivotal role in an excellent last impression, too.  They can make the difference between a potential investor misplacing your details or said investor paying attention to your unique business card as something to remember you by and getting in touch to seal the deal later on.

At Divink, we’ve had an influx of business card design requests recently, which we always love to be part of, knowing many of our clients wouldn’t dare leave the office without at least 10 cards stashed away. While we love guidance from our clients, we noticed a trend in requests to include huge levels of detail on what is essentially a 85mm x 55mm sales pitch.

We thought to ourselves, this is an opportunity for a blog.

If you’re giving out your business card, chances are you’ve already had a reasonable conversation with that person. The organic reason for handing your details is to jog their memory and keep in touch.

As such, you shouldn’t need to include each individual service you offer.

Let’s say you’re at a networking event. It’s 7:30pm and you’re enjoying a well-earned drink. You see someone who looks as though they’re worth talking to, so you strike up a conversation. You ask them what they do for a living or what their business offers and their response is to stand there and deliver a detailed list of every element of what they can do for you and how. Pretty quickly you’re going to realise it’s all a bit too much and you plan to finish your drink sharpish, so you can excuse yourself while you buy another.

Business cards are the same; they’re a follow-up conversation, like an understated text message after a first date, if you will.

The rules are to keep it clean, simple and beautiful. Include your core messaging as part of the very best reasons why they should want to get in touch with you – the only text that should be used is when it adds value.

For example, if you’re an Arborist, it goes without saying that if you chop down large trees, you’ll probably trim hedges and cut back overgrown bushes too, so you don’t need to put it on your business card.

The purpose of your business card is to help translate the quality of what you’re offering. Here at BarrettStacey, our team has years of experience when it comes to branding and print design, so give us your trust and we’ll create you a business card to be proud of.

Anyway, enough of that, take a look at some of these inspirational ideas for your next 85mmx55mm sales pitch. Drop us a line and we’ll chat about which we can start exploring for you.

The purpose of your business card is to help translate the quality of what you’re offering

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